How to Pet Proof Your Furniture and Your Home

When considering bringing a pet home, your first thought may be all the fun times you will have with it, but sooner or later you must consider the possibility of it damaging your home in one form or another. Considering that dilemma, here are some ways you can “pet proof” your home before your furry friend arrives.

  • To keep cats from scratching on everything they see, provide a durable scratch post or pad. (If that doesn’t work consider installing some plastic guard for your furniture)
  • To keep your dog from chewing up everything in sight, provide them with a few different types of chewing toys to keep them occupied.
  • Use cleaners that are enzyme-targeting to get rid of any odors from accidents, anything from drool to bathroom mistakes (Though plastic wrap guard can be useful here too)
  • House break your dog asap, and make sure that litterboxes are appropriately numbered and placed for your cat’s convenience.
  • Know how to recognize separation anxiety and deal with it appropriately. Sometimes it isn’t just your pet being naughty, sometimes they just miss you and that is the only way to get your attention.
  • Put all dangerous items out of reach where they cannot damage the items nor damage themselves. This goes for anything like wires to harmful chemicals or sewing equipment.
  • Lastly, make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and your cat has plenty of room to roam, because this keeps down “bad behavior” that usually is caused by too much pent-up energy.

So, before your furry friend or friends arrives, use these tips to make your pet experience wonderful and long lasting.

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