What We’re About

Remodeling a room of your home—whether you want to tackle the kitchen, the bathroom, or the living room—is a massive undertaking. Remodeling your entire home seems like a nearly insurmountable challenge, especially if you want to save money. Re-doing your paint job, floors, furniture, and appliances requires a lot of energy, time, and determination.


We, however, want you to know that it is possible to “DIY” with certain parts of the remodeling process. Online remodeling instructions and “how-to” guides are widely available, but do they get the job done? Moreover, which projects are worth trying on your own and which require a professional’s touch? This site will house the answers to these essential questions. With DIY guides, reviews, and commentary, we hope to educate the thousands of people working to remodel their homes with online resources.


Before embarking on an online remodeling education, consider these questions:


  • How risky is your project? Those that have the potential to seriously injure you (or severely damage your home) should be ruled out.


  • Are you familiar with your town’s building codes? If you plan to build a shed or garage attachment, you must first research your area’s building codes.


  • Do you have the patience? Remodeling takes time, and results aren’t always immediate.


  • Do you have the equipment? Does it make more sense to purchase a $200 power drill or pay for an electrician?


If you are confident in your ability and endurance, our online remodeling guides are perfect for your upcoming project. Starting to have doubts? We suggest taking on a smaller, less consequential project—instead of redoing your hardwood floors, start with your bathroom tiles. If you bite off more than you can chew, we will also include a directory of home improvement professionals (by region) that you can contact in case of an emergency or failure.


When it comes down to it, remodeling a home is about patience. If you’re ready to take on a project, this is the right place.