Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Choosing Bathroom Hardware

If you want an inexpensive but attractive redo for a bathroom, changing the hardware on cabinets, faucets and other accessories can give a room a completely new look. Replacing worn or outdated handles, pulls, hinges and knobs is easy to do. To enhance the new look, change towel bars, soap dishes and robe hooks to a style that pulls the look together.

Pick a style of fixture that makes a decorative statement. Even if cabinets are outdated or worn, new hardware will attract the eye away from less attractive elements. If you like an old-fashioned look, shop garage sales, thrift shops and flea markets to find drawer pulls, knobs and other hardware that accentuate a style or period. Ceramic, glass and brass fittings complement a bygone style. If you like an uncluttered, minimalist look, go for stainless steel or nickel-coated hardware. The sleek lines and shiny surfaces emphasize the hardware instead of the cabinet or wall behind it.

Replacing towel bars and other hardware adds to the look. Replacing these fixtures also gives you an opportunity to enhance convenience. Examine the bathroom and think about how you use the room and where fixtures are most helpful. If you need more towel bars, install them one above the other. If towels don’t dry in their current location, look for an area in the room that gets more ventilation.

Replacing plumbing fixtures, including showerheads, taps and spigots, brings a cohesive look to the room. If you do replace these items, make sure the new models fit into the existing outlets. Even if you have to call a plumber to complete the installation, the extra cost is minimal compared to a complete bathroom renovation.

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