How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

With a new season comes a new color palette, and you might be itching to give your kitchen a new look as we head into the winter months. Painting cabinets will take several days to complete, so you must plan accordingly. Always wear the appropriate safety gear, and be sure to open windows for ventilation. Most importantly, have fun with this project. Switching up an accent paint color has the ability to transform an entire room, so be sure to choose wisely. Here’s what you’ll need to get the job done: 


  • Paint of your choosing 
  • Sandpaper  
  • Paintbrush 
  • Paint roller  


Step 1: Assess the condition of your cabinets. Surfaces that are already painted can be painted over if they are in good condition, but old paint should be removed with stripping products. If your cabinets were previously painted and your house was built before 1978, the paint may be lead-based. Use a testing kit or call a professional for help.  


Step 2: Empty your cabinets and remove the doors, drawers, and hardware. Clean all surfaces with TSP cleaner to remove any grease and dirt, and repair damaged areas.  


Step 3: Cover your countertops and appliances, then place painters tape on the wall along the cabinet edges. Sand everything with a medium grit sandpaper to help the paint stick to the surface. Fold the sandpaper to get into the detailed areas on doors and drawers. Clean up the debris with a vacuum.  


Step 4: Working from the inside out, apply paint primer all over your cabinets. Use a mini roller on large, flat areas. Allow to dry. 


Step 5: Starting with your cabinet frames, use a high-quality brush to paint the smaller areas and a foam roller for larger surfaces. Use even strokes to completely cover all surfaces.  


Step 6: Apply a second coat of paint. This will be your finish coat. Allow the paint to dry, and avoid putting everything back together before it has completely cured.  

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