Top Kitchen Countertop Materials of 2020

When remodeling your home, most people start with the kitchen because it is usually the most expensive, and one of the greatest attractions that don’t need staging. Yet it can be the most time-consuming thing you’d plan since there are so many materials with many pros and cons to going along with them. In consideration, here is a premium material list arranged specifically for you that will make your renovation a little less chaotic and time-consuming.

  • Quartz: It gains its popularity from its array of colors, durability and low maintenance, but can be quite costly. If you are going with this material, I highly suggest you buy it by the slab and not by the foot, and make sure you get rounded edges instead of sharp edges because the sharp edges have a habit of chipping frequently.
  • Granite: Costly, but well worth it. It is the most durable material you can get and can easily resist any type of staining if sealed correctly, but it must be sealed frequently. This material is also prone to chipping if it has sharp edges.
  • Marble: The costliest, and comparably not at all as durable as the rest. It is not meant for a kitchen of frequent use or where children are present, nor is it practical because it needs a ton of maintenance. But at least it looks pretty.
  • Laminate: Cheaper than the rest and can come in many colors. Durable to dings and stains, but do not cut on the surface. It is prone to scratching.
  • Slate: Not popular in style, but incredibly durable and affordable.
  • Recycled Glass: Good if you are a go green family, and is semi-affordable, but tends to crack under high heat.

With all these choices, you might be left with the overwhelming of choosing one, but don’t let that bring you down. Now you know the best, so put that knowledge to the test and pick the one that is right for you!

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