How to Lay a Brick Pathway

Homeowners spend thousands of dollars on landscaping every summer, but much of the work can be done on your own with just a little effort and patience. Laying a brick pathway is a great project to introduce you to the world of landscaping. This process should only take around half a day, is very inexpensive, and requires little experience. You will need:


  • Hammer
  • Shovel
  • Rake
  • Bricks
  • Crush base
  • Sand


Step 1: To begin, prep the ground by removing any rocks, plant material, and debris from m the area. Use your shovel to smooth the ground.

Step 2: Use your hammer to set wooden stakes in the ground to make the corners of the walkway. Then, run a string between the stakes to indicate the edges, ensuring there is enough room under the string to fit a shovel.

Step 3: Use a measuring tape to find the distance between the string and the ground, and use a string level to ensure the string is horizontal. Then, dig out the base of the pathway to the depth of your bricks plus an additional two inches for the crushed stone base layer.

Step 4: Add the crushed stone base layer and rake it approximately two inches deep.

Step 5: Use the claw of your hammer to dig a trench for a metal pipe on each side of the walkway. The pipes will serve as guide rails to create a consistent 2″ deep crushed stone base layer. Lay these pipes in the trench and use the string level to keep the top of the pipe exactly two inches above ground level and beneath the crushed stone base.

Step 6: Scrape along the top of the pipe with a brick to smooth the edges of the crushed base layer. Then, remove the string and wooden stakes.

Step 7: Smooth the walkway area with a rake and level, then compact the surface. Carefully remove the pipes and fill the trench with rushed stone using a shovel. Replace your stakes and string to act as a guide when you begin your brickwork.

Step 8: Lay the bricks in your desired pattern using the string as your guide.

Step 9: Install plastic edging into the compacted ground with landscape spikes, leaving enough room for your final row of bricks or a desired edge detail. Then, compact the brick pathway.

Step 10: Scatter polymeric sand over the surface of the bricks with a shovel. Use a broom to sweep the sand diagonally across the bricks in both directions to force the sand into the seams.


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