Starting Simple: How to Replace a Toilet

Bathroom remodels are some of the most popular home projects out there. Residents can save a lot of money by doing the remodeling themselves. This is especially perfect for bathrooms, where there are few dangers to undertaking a DIY project—the worse that can happen, usually, is that you forget to turn of a water supply.

Starting simple is necessary when learning how to do remodels on your own. To get you on track, we have a quick and easy guide for how to replace a toilet. This is one of the easiest installations you can do, and the thrill of completing it one your own will propel you into more ambitious projects.

The best part? It won’t take more than an hour to learn how to replace a toilet and then make it happen.


Step 1: Turn off the toilet’s water supply. There should be a supply valve below the tank, most likely on the left side. It extends from the base of the wall or floor to the toilet itself.


Step 2: Flush the toilet to remove remaining water. If any remains, use a small cup to bail the rest.


Step 3: If you are going to reuse your water supply line, disconnect it from the bowl. However, if you are also replacing this piece of hardware, remove it from the supply valve, leaving the tub attached to the tank.


Step 4: Remove the top of the tank and put in a safe place. Then remove the tank from the bowl. It is likely attached by a pair of bolts near the center of the bowl—just where they meet. Simply remove the nus and lift the bowl off the gasket, the place in safe space that is out of the way.


Step 5: Remove the bolt caps from the base of the toilet. Then, rock the bowl to free it from the wax gasket. This will be relatively sticky, so have paper or plastic on-hand when you put it out of the way.


Step 6: Plug the drain hole with fabric to keep the gases from entering the room. Then, use a knife to scrape the wax from the base of the mounting flange on the floor.


That’s it! Your bathroom is now free of its original toilet.


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