Tips for Keeping Gutters and Downspouts Clean

Don’t ignore the cleanliness of your home’s gutters and downspouts because these items can protect a house’s roof and siding. Here are some tips for keeping the gutters and downspouts clean.

Tip 1: Install Downspout Extensions

If you notice standing water near a downspout, then you should install a downspout extension on the device. This will help the rainwater or snowmelt to flow farther from your home’s foundation.

Tip 2: Regular Cleaning of the Gutters and the Downspouts

It is important to remove tree leaves and other debris from your home’s gutters on a regular basis. Make sure to complete this chore several times a year when the weather is suitable for outside chores.

Tip 3: Have the Proper Tools for Cleaning the Downspouts and the Gutters

To keep the gutters and downspouts clean, you must have the proper tools for the job, including a sturdy ladder and small shovels for chopping up the debris. You can also use the water from a garden hose to wash the debris from the gutters and the downspouts.

Tip 4: Gutter Guard Installation

When you don’t want to clean the gutters multiple times each year, you can install gutter guards on your home. It is possible to install these devices on your own, or alternatively, you can hire a technician to perform this task.

Tip 5: Lawn Maintenance

If you have trees on your property, then it is important to trim the branches occasionally to keep leaves from falling into the gutters or the downspouts. In addition, you should rake up the leaves during the autumn so that the debris won’t blow into the downspouts or the gutters.

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